Dance School Photo Days

Did you know it is FREE to hold a photo day at your dance school? 

With our portable studio equipment we can come to your studio and capture the magic of your dance school concert. Our Photo Days are hassle free and loads of fun for the dancers and most importantly, the photos make beautiful keepsakes for you to treasure for years to come. 

Here is why you should book us for your next Photo Day

  • Our photographers are all past dancers, so you can trust they are checking for turned out legs and pointed toes. 
  • We are quick! We have an efficient system so we can get through your schedule in a timely matter. 
  • We always take at least 1 close up and 1 full length portrait of each dancer in each costume as well as a fun group photo.  
  • We use seamless paper backdrops so the dancers can turn, jump & kick without a worry. 
  • There is no minimum number of students required to hold a photo day at your school.
  • The studio owner receives a FREE digital copy of all the group photos for their own promotional purposes. 
  • We sell the photos directly to the parents on a separate sales day at either your studio, dress rehearsal or concert. 
  • There is no searching through endless photo albums to find photos of your dancer as all photos are named, printed and packaged together ready to take home immediately. 
  • We understand that concerts are expensive for parents, so we keep our photo pricing affordable. 

Contact us now to find a date for your studio.